October 24, 2016

Skirt and ankle boots

IMG_2162.jpg IMG_2142.jpg IMG_2155.jpg IMG_2157.jpg IMG_2126.jpg
Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Skirt/Andiata, Cashmere sweater/Andiata, Ankle boots/Elizabeth Stuart, Bag/Chloé

Leather and cashmere, one of my all time favourite autumn combos. Soft and luxurious, this is something that never goes out of style. To create a more relaxed feel to the outfit I wore my ankle boots with bare legs and a skirt. Not something I will after the next few weeks when the weather gets colder though.. Have a lovely week. xx

October 22, 2016


IMG_2835.jpg IMG_2806.jpg IMG_2865.jpg IMG_2858.jpg IMG_2864.jpg IMG_2831.jpg IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2793.jpg Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Pants/Andiata, Blazer/Andiata, Top/Zara, Bag/YSL

Bonjour! Yesterday we decided to use our whole Saturday for taking outfit pics with Milla. (Okay we had a small nutella crepe break at Tuileries.. Our favourite treat, it was soo good!!) We got some really nice material and here are the first pics. This spot at the fountains of Concorde is beyond perfect. I love the light.

Afterwards we left to the movies to watch Bridget Jones Baby which was so much fun. Recommend it! Have a lovely Sunday. xx

October 19, 2016

Wear it with a belt

IMG_9749.jpg IMG_9742.jpg Pictures by Maria Dejanova

Vest/Andiata, Jeans/H&M, Belt/Andiata, Blouse/Andiata

Good morning! This season it's all about belts - in all sizes and colours. On jackets, blazers, skirts, suits.. You can wear it with anything. This vest of Andiata is a piece  that I'll wear on those days that I want to look super stylish but the closet feels empty and nothing feels good. With flares or skinny jeans, this piece is a must! Have a lovely day. xx

October 17, 2016

Rue Saint-Honoré

IMG_1562.jpg IMG_1531.jpg IMG_1486.jpg IMG_1564.jpg IMG_1534.jpg IMG_1513.jpg IMG_1502.jpg IMG_1574.jpg IMG_1499.jpg IMG_1474.jpg IMG_1473.jpg Pictures by Nea Nieminen

Cardigan/Andiata, Silk blouse/Andiata, Bag/Chloé, Shoes/Zara, Jeans/Andiata

Yesterday we were so drop dead tired that the only thing we did was strolling around my neighbour street rue Saint-Honoré. The collection of Prada, Chloé and Gucci literally stole our hearts. <3 Also an other café tip for those searching for good coffee in the Paris 75001 area: Honor. We had a wonderful late afternoon coffee moment in this cute little outdoor cafe. Now we're going to grab some croissants before my school starts. Have a lovely day. xx

October 16, 2016

Coffee time

IMG_1090.jpg IMG_1174.jpg IMG_1195.jpg IMG_1181.jpg IMG_1205.jpgIMG_1130.jpg IMG_1172.jpg IMG_1175.jpg IMG_1184.jpg IMG_1150.jpg IMG_1207.jpg IMG_1202.jpg IMG_1135.jpg Skirt/Andiata, Knit/Andiata, Shoes/Elizabeth Stuart, Bag/YSL, Nea's coat/Andiata

Picture the perfect coffee spot for bloggers: Cafe Kitsune. Everything from the tasty lattes and photogenic coffee cups to the amazing environment at Jardin du Palais Royal. We had one of the best moments of the whole weekend when sitting under the sun enjoying the late autumn vibe on this sunny Sunday afternoon. Have a lovely evening. xx

October 14, 2016

Soft tones

IMG_0585.jpg IMG_0516.jpg IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0351.jpg IMG_0360.jpg IMG_0536.jpg IMG_0461.jpg IMG_0584.jpg IMG_0515.jpg IMG_0495.jpg IMG_0439.jpg Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

Cashmere sweater/Andiata, Bag/Chloé, Shoes/Zara, Fluffball/Andiata, Jeans/Zara

Good morning! Yesterday my best friend Nea arrived to Paris. We will be spending a long weekend enjoying this beautiful city: coffee, museums, brunching.. Pefect girls weekend ahead.

 I went to the showroom of H&M yesterday, more about that next week. Have a lovely day. x