January 17, 2017

That dress

Pictures by Andrea Lindberg 


Pure perfection. In this dress everything is just on point. The fitting, trendy 3/4 flared sleeves, the red color.. Love it, love it, love it. <3 xx

January 15, 2017


Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

 Top/Andiata, Leather jacket/Andiata, Shoes/Zara, Jeans/Zara, Bag/ChloĆ©

Sequins often feel too fancy to wear on an everyday basis, but when combining them with materials like denim and suede, sequins become a nice add to your basic outfits. Under a classic blazer with boyfriend jeans or a leather jacket. 

This weekend I've been seeing my friends a lot, going out, eating well and taking pics. Today I had brunch with Nejma at Restaurant Village Royal. Black coffee, croissants and marmelade, you really can't start a morning in a better way.. We had so much fun chit chatting and then going to my place for rainy day chilling. xx

January 13, 2017

Hoodie and patent leather pants

Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

Hoodie/Andiata, Bag/Prada, Shoes/Zara, Beanie/Andiata, Pants/Zara, Ring/Andiata

At this very moment when we took the camera out, it started raining. So unfortunately only two pics of this outift today.. But I love the trend with hoodies for Spring. This one from Andiata with a silk back is super cozy and chic, easily paired for every day outfits when you go out or work etc. Not the basic "at home" hoodie. I'll take more pics of it later so that you will see it better. With patent leather and suede boots, this is one of my fav looks in a while. <3 

January 10, 2017


Pictures by Andrea Lindberg 

Coat/Andiata, Bag/Prada, Shoes/Elizabeth Stuart, Sunnies/Quay, Jeans/H&M

The weather in Paris has been horrible lately. Rain, wind and a bit more rain. That's why I wanted to wear something colorful to pop up from the greyness of this city and get my mood up. What would work better than a bright pink peach coat? So cute and girly. <3

January 04, 2017

New year new challenges

Coat/Andiata, Leather dress/Andiata, Bag/ChloƩ, Shoes/Adidas, Sunnies/RayBan, Beanie/Andiata

New year, new challenges. I'm so excited about year 2017! My second school year is already half ways, my internship is starting today and Paris is showing it's best side with the morning sun coming up. Wit blogging I've also made some new years resolutions. More blogposts, more outfits and a bigger focus on blogging all in all. 

January 02, 2017

Let it snow

Pictures by Liisa Kivi 

Coat/Andiata, Knit/Andiata, Skirt/Andiata, Bag/Chanel, Shoes/Zara

On Sunday I came back from Ruka to Helsinki for a few days of working and meeting up with friends before leaving back to Paris. In the morning I went to see my horse and after I had a cup of coffee with Iiris. I ended the day with having a small photo shooting with Liisa. We were supposed to take 2-3 outfits but we ended up having only one for each as the weather changed and it started snowing. It was more than okay for this ice blue & grey outfit and I think the small snowflakes brought a really nice feel to these pics. I love layering up cloths, it gives  a chance to make your outfits unique and to represent your own style. Under this super cozy fluff knit I'm wearing a pleated top and a mini leather skirt. The pleats show up from the sides of the knit and bring a fresh touch to the outfit. 

Have a lovely day. xx

December 30, 2016

Comfy from head to toe

Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Cashmere pants, cardigan & T-shirt/Andiata, Bag/Prada, Shoes/Zara, Sunnies/Chanel

The comfiest outfit I've ever had. Cashmere from head to toe, I've literally been living in it this Christmas. Stylish and so luxurious. Tomorrow it's going to be New Years which I'm so excited about. Good food, Champagne and celebration with my family, friends and our guests from France. Yay!

PS. This outfit is also -40% on Andiata shop and webshop. ;)

Have a lovely day. xx