September 12, 2015

Bohemian Chic

Greetings from rainy Paris! Unfortunately this weekend we will have rain, rain and a bit more rain. Luckily yestreday the weather was perfect.. We went out with the girls after school, bought some rose wine, dark chocolate, strawberries and sat down at a park near St. Eustache church. Then we went just strolling around shops and enjoyed the sunny streets of Paris. After that I decided to go to the gym and got to bed early. Relaxing friday. :) Today we are supposed to go out clubbing but we'll see what happens. At least now the weather doesn't look too tempting haha. 

I'm crazy about flared pants. Especially when they are this comfortable and good looking at the same time! In flared pants it's all about how they fit. That is why I think that they are one of those things you can spend a bit more money on and get a good pair that will last for a long time. A well made pair of black or grey flared pants will never go out of style. 





Pictures by Miira Vehviläinen

Pants/Andiata, Blouse/Andiata, Shoes/Zara, Bag/Chanel

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