November 14, 2015



Yesterday we went to a museum near Louvre with my class. Beautiful pictures - an extreamly inspiring exhibition. We left the museum around 4 pm and went strolling around shops at rue Saint Honore. I felt overwhelmed with happiness: weekend was around the corner, sun was shining and well, it´s Paris...
 I bought a really cool black leather jacket and a darkgreen cropped top from Zara. Having the night ahead on my mind - they would look gorgeous with my grey flared pants.
After shopping we went to Place Vendome to take some pictures. The pictures turned out really good - I planned on posting them today.
We were laughing as we walked through Jardin du Palais Royal towards rue de Rivoli. We thought to ourselves "How can friday 13th be such a perfect day like this?"
We had no idea what was to come. 
7pm we went to a cafe at Les Halles. I took a nutella crep, it was huge and tasted like heaven. As usual the area around Les Halles was really crowded. Music, wine, food, friends, lovers, tourists, happiness. We started to plan our friday night - the people around got us into a partying mood.  
Around 8.30pm we decided to go home, change clothes and meet somewhere in Marais/Les Halles a bit later.
I crossed centre Pompidou as I walked home. 
At home I felt a bit sick and tired. I also had a lot of school work to do. My friend didn't feel too good either so we decided to skip the partying.
We will have time for that tomorrow, on saturday.
Around 9.30 pm I had second thoughts about staying home all night as I had eaten a huge nutella crep and a lot of chocolate that day. I wanted to go out, take a powerwalk and feel good about myself. I put my hoodie and leggings on, sat on my bed and decided to open the computer and check the pics we had taken earlier today. As the pics had been imported I started looking through them  and then all of a sudden, I fell a sleep.
I woke up around 10.30 pm when my friend texted me that something had happened in Paris. First I didn't take it too seriously - this is a big city, something bad happens all the time. Then after 15 minutes it spread all over the news. I realized this is something bigger.
One attack, another, third, fourth, fifth, sixth.
My family and friends started calling me.
I heared the sirenes from ambulances and helicopters flying back and forth. 
One of the attacks was just 700 meters from my home. The rest about 1.5-3 kilometers.
I was lucky that I didn't feel too good. I was lucky that i accidently fell asleep. I was lucky that I stayed at home.
There is over a hundred people who were not that lucky.
I'm extreamly sad. This feels so unreal - it breaks my heart.
Paris hasn't been breathing since yesterday. The streets are empty. No loving couples, no wine, no happiness, no music, no smiling.

Let us pray for Paris, parisians, the families who have lost their loved ones. 
Let us pray for the whole world.

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