July 15, 2016

The perfect accessory

IMG_8253.jpg IMG_8154.jpg IMG_8224.jpg IMG_8267.jpg IMG_8269.jpg IMG_8273.jpg IMG_8284.jpg IMG_8286.jpg IMG_8155.jpg IMG_8210.jpg Pictures by Liisa Kivi 

 Skirt/Andiata, Top/Bershka, Shoes/Zara, Watch/Cartier, Hat/Andiata, Bag/Chanel, Sunnies/Chanel

 Finally we booked our flights to France! 9.8 it is, can't wait <3

I'm very picky when it comes to hats. I easily feel like a champignon if the hat is too big or it just doesn't fit me right. I't needs to be the perfect size, model, colour and it can't look cheap. So when I found this one, I knew I had to take it home. It has the perfect shade of white and the feel of it is just right. Now I'm going to wait for the rain to end and then take a run. Have a lovely day. xx

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