September 26, 2016

Last days of summer

IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0299.jpg IMG_0424.jpg IMG_0415.jpg IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0445.jpg IMG_0460.jpg IMG_0418.jpg IMG_0426.jpg Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

Blouse/Andiata, Skirt/Andiata, Shoes/Aldo, Sunnies/Quay, Bag/Dior

On Saturday before going out we decided to enjoy the last rays of sun at the church of Madeleine. We  took some pics with the flower bouquet from the boutique near by and got to experience the last vibes of summer. Autumn is also creeping in to Paris little by little. You can feel it from the cold wind blowing in the evenings. I don't mind, autumn is a very beautiful season in Paris with the trees turning in to shades of red, orange and yellow. Have a lovely day. xx 

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