September 05, 2016

Wrap yourself in cashmere

IMG_8918.jpg IMG_8920.jpg IMG_8964.jpg IMG_9012.jpg IMG_9046.jpg
Pictures by Liisa Kivi 

 Cardigan/Andiata, Cashmere sweater/Andiata, Bag/Dior, Shoes/Aldo, Jeans/Zara

This weekend was all about relaxing for me. Spending time with my family, doing sports, brunching with friends and taking pics. I've been working a lot lately and I couldn't even think about doing anything else than loading my batteries for this coming week as we're continuing on preparing the 30-years anniversary party of Andiata. So a busy week ahead! Have a lovely monday. xx


  1. Amazing! Krista |

  2. Tyylikäs nainen hienot korkkarit:) t.Jani-75

  3. I love that Andiata cardigan, does is have a model/name? :)


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