October 22, 2016


IMG_2835.jpg IMG_2806.jpg IMG_2865.jpg IMG_2858.jpg IMG_2864.jpg IMG_2831.jpg IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2793.jpg Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Pants/Andiata, Blazer/Andiata, Top/Zara, Bag/YSL

Bonjour! Yesterday we decided to use our whole Saturday for taking outfit pics with Milla. (Okay we had a small nutella crepe break at Tuileries.. Our favourite treat, it was soo good!!) We got some really nice material and here are the first pics. This spot at the fountains of Concorde is beyond perfect. I love the light.

Afterwards we left to the movies to watch Bridget Jones Baby which was so much fun. Recommend it! Have a lovely Sunday. xx

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