October 17, 2016

Rue Saint-Honoré

IMG_1562.jpg IMG_1531.jpg IMG_1486.jpg IMG_1564.jpg IMG_1534.jpg IMG_1513.jpg IMG_1502.jpg IMG_1574.jpg IMG_1499.jpg IMG_1474.jpg IMG_1473.jpg Pictures by Nea Nieminen

Cardigan/Andiata, Silk blouse/Andiata, Bag/Chloé, Shoes/Zara, Jeans/Andiata

Yesterday we were so drop dead tired that the only thing we did was strolling around my neighbour street rue Saint-Honoré. The collection of Prada, Chloé and Gucci literally stole our hearts. <3 Also an other café tip for those searching for good coffee in the Paris 75001 area: Honor. We had a wonderful late afternoon coffee moment in this cute little outdoor cafe. Now we're going to grab some croissants before my school starts. Have a lovely day. xx

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