December 25, 2016


A few pics from this morning after yesterdays celebration. Christmas, my favourite celebration of the whole year. A day full of traditions and being together with the whole family. <3 Our day starts with traditional rice porridge cooked by my grandmother and the competition of who will get the almond and with that, the possibility to make a wish. After we leave to the church, go to do some skiing and then to the Christmas sauna. In the evening we enjoy the big Christmas dinner with a table full of all kind of delicious Finnish dishes that we have prepared for the last two evenings. Salmon cooked in different ways, casserolles, rosolli, pork, lamb, reindeer.. After we open the gifts and eat some dessert listening to christmas songs. Without forgetting the chocolate! Love it, love it, love it. Deep discussions, laughter and the feeling of complete calmness.

I wish you all had a lovely Christmas. xx

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