January 02, 2017

Let it snow

Pictures by Liisa Kivi 

Coat/Andiata, Knit/Andiata, Skirt/Andiata, Bag/Chanel, Shoes/Zara

On Sunday I came back from Ruka to Helsinki for a few days of working and meeting up with friends before leaving back to Paris. In the morning I went to see my horse and after I had a cup of coffee with Iiris. I ended the day with having a small photo shooting with Liisa. We were supposed to take 2-3 outfits but we ended up having only one for each as the weather changed and it started snowing. It was more than okay for this ice blue & grey outfit and I think the small snowflakes brought a really nice feel to these pics. I love layering up cloths, it gives  a chance to make your outfits unique and to represent your own style. Under this super cozy fluff knit I'm wearing a pleated top and a mini leather skirt. The pleats show up from the sides of the knit and bring a fresh touch to the outfit. 

Have a lovely day. xx

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