February 08, 2017

4 days of inspiration

Pictures by Nea Nieminen

Coat/Zara, Bag/Gucci, Shoes/Zara, Knit/Andiata, Pants/Andiata

On Monday Andiata's design team came to Paris for an intensive 4 days of work. These four days are one of my favourite moments every 6 months. I love the inspirational and exciting atmosphere we have together when creating something new. Yesterday we went to Premiere Vision to choose the fabrics and trends Andiata will be following/using for Spring/Summer 2018. We found some pretty amazing things and I believe that the collection will become beyond cool.. <3

Today I'll continue my internship at the showroom and later we will be having dinner at one of my favourite restaurants La Fidelite. Have a lovely day. xx

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