June 06, 2017

Place des Victoires

Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

Culottes/Andiata, Top/Zara, Shoes/Eden, Bag/Chloé

After a long weekend in Finland I'm back in Paris. Time went by so fast once again - too fast I could say. All of the graduation parties on sunny Saturday - I loved seeing all of my friends, spending time together, dressing fancy, eating good food, drinking champagne, going out, laughing.. When I come back home it always feels like nothing has changed. You have your family, friends and a certain way of living. A stability that I sometimes find myself longing for here in Paris. Finland is always Finland.

Besides seeing my friends and having fun I worked a lot this weekend. Best thing at work this time was the video shoot at the head office of Andiata yesterday morning - so much fun! Guess who even got a small role in it.. ;) xx

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